About H2Lab association

H2LAB is a non-profit foundation whose main objective is to pool the production of open hardware projects.

H2LAB members are passionate about security, hardware, software, applied cryptography and networking. In our professional life, each member of the association implements these skills to prototype, design, but also assess the security of embedded systems.

Together we realized that the OpenHardware projects are interesting, because the production files are open and accessible to anyone. The R&D is mostly done but it is still possible to adapt, modify or audit the various components of the project.

Problems start when you want to produce an electronic card. Often it is necessary to rework the production files, source the components in order to launch cards production. In the end, production costs are often very high, especially when many small SMD components need to be assembled.

We therefore came to the idea of creating H2Lab which aim to produce electronic cards (prototype or small series), to distribute them to schools, universities, but also to anyone who could not finance themselves a production operation.

Among that H2LAB aims to share technical knowledge around embedded systems security including How-to, Fablab designs and experiment and other various embedded systems related hardware and software hacking.

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