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A non-profit assocition

Working in various areas of the cybersecurity, including software, hardware, embedded systems, cryptography and certification domains, RNA: W923010387, SIREN: 884554668.

spreading our knowledge

Teaching cybersecurity in various high schools and universities, we wish to share our knowledge and the fun we have in these domains.

producing innovative designs

Helping in optimization and conduction of hardware and software design, handle participative projects to succeed te production step.


LEIA by H2Lab: a Laboratory Smart card Analyzer

Shop opened: see the H2Lab shop page for more informations!!! What is LEIA? LEIA is an open hardware and open source device targeting smart card side-channel analysis (SCA) and evaluation, for educational and evaluation purpose.


Devices production in H2Lab

Producing a device Preparing the crowdfounding of a device requires multiple steps, including a clean and efficient preparation stage, a production stage and a post-production stage.



H2Lab is born

What is H2Lab ? H2Lab is a french non-profit association targetting Open-Source and Open-Hardware design publication and promotion in the domain of embedded devices, including (but not only) security devices, communication devices and low power devices.



Setup ANET A8 Plus for BLTouch

A BLTouch sensor will automate your 3D printer bed leveling. Read on to learn all you need to know about this sensor and it’s setup on your Anet A8 plus.